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Affiliate Terms And Conditions

Affiliate Agreement And Terms Of Service

The terms and conditions that are fully specified in this Agreement pertains to your participation as an Affiliate in the “Persuade Team Affiliate Program.” It is vital that every Affiliate in the Persuade Team Affiliate Program adheres to the highest possible standards of legal and ethical conduct.

 By submitting an application, and choosing to participate as an Affiliate in the Persuade Team Affiliate Program, you are consenting to all terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement, unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement and reviewed by Persuade Team.

Furthermore, Persuade Team’s Affiliate Program requires all who promote and represent it, to do so in accordance with good-will and friendly behavior.


Application Requirements

In order to be considered to be a part of the Persuade Team Affiliate Program, you MUST submit an Affiliate program application that includes your true identity, email address, etc. Only applications providing all requested information will be considered. Any false information, or failure to update new information, may be cause for rejection. 

As a Persuade Team affiliate, you are required to be real and authentic. Do NOT misrepresent yourself as a typical result or “one of those typical customers”.


After Review

After completion of application, and review from the Persuade Team team, you will be notified, by email, whether you have been accepted or rejected. By submitting your application you understand that we may accept or reject you for any reason and at any time.

Please note that Persuade Team reserves the right to limit the affiliate programs on sole discretion. (Reasons may include: market size, need, compatibility to program, or other criteria of choosing). In other words, your acceptance to the Affiliate program does not ensure your ability to be an affiliate for every course and product therein.



Payment for commissions earned, will be paid to the Affiliate after 31 days and after…

  1. The Affiliate has set up his or her account payment method
  2. Affiliate has had two sales since they were accepted into the program
  3. Persuade Team has received payment from the customer(s); and,
  4. The refund period for which commissions apply, has passed. (Typically 30 days and subject to change at any time by Persuade Team discretion)

By submitting the application the Affiliate MUST agree that Persuade Team is only liable for the commissions where the customer has completed the payment, and the refund period has passed. You hereby state that Persuade Team is not liable for the commissions where the payments were not received by the customer, and is within the refund period.

For purposes herein, “Customer” means the receiver of a sale or product or service in accordance with this agreement, the privacy policy, and the terms and agreement listed on any of Persuade Team’s offers.


Chargebacks, Offsets, & Holdbacks

Affiliate understands and agrees that Persuade Team has the right to charge back any affiliate account at any time. 

If Affiliate has any outstanding balance due to Persuade Team under this Agreement or any other agreement between Affiliate and Persuade Team, Affiliate expressly agrees that Persuade Team shall have the right to offset any Commissions Due payable to Affiliate by the amount owed Persuade Team by Affiliate (whether or not related to Affiliate Program) at any time under this Agreement. Persuade Team agrees to provide documentation of any such offsets.

Furthermore, Persuade Team has the right to hold back any Affiliate commission payments, if Affiliate has not made more than two sales. Affiliate also understands and agrees that Persuade Team may hold a percentage of Commissions for a for a period of 90 days after sale to ensure ability to offset (currently 10%).


Accounts & Disputes

If Affiliated, in good faith, disputes the payment, the affiliate is required to submit a dispute to Persuade Team within 30 days of the date of payment. The Affiliate dispute should include the Affiliate tracking data, in respect to the customers. If the Affiliate data does not align within 10% of Persuade Teams, Persuade Team agrees to work, in good faith, towards reconciliation. If both parties are unable to arrive at reconciliation, then the affiliate agrees that Persuade Teams numbers shall govern.



Affiliate agrees that all of the information, strategies and data in accordance to the Persuade Team Affiliate Program, and any other offers in connection are confidential, unless otherwise expressed in writing (signed by Persuade Team). This includes any sales information, customer lists, financial information, customer or affiliate reviews, issues, and any other information concerning Persuade Team. By submitting the application, the affiliate agrees to keep all information confidential and will use his or her best efforts not to disclose any information in regards to Persuade Team.


Persuade Team Creatives

Persuade Team may provide all Affiliates with tools to assist them in their success. These tools may include graphics and links created by Persuade Team. Affiliates agree that they may only post these creatives online when in connection with Persuade Teams Affiliate Program. Affiliates accept any responsibility for the misuse of these creatives.



Persuade Team ensures that all products, services, offers, and anything connected to the Affiliate Program is not illegal or used in accordance to any other illegal material. It ensures that it does not encourage any illegal activities, promotes discrimination, or infringe upon the rights of any other.

Affiliates in the Persuade Team Affiliate Program commit to place a Privacy Policy, and Terms Of Service on all sites promoting Persuade Team materials, products, offers, and or memberships.


Promoting Restrictions

Affiliates cannot and shall not place any ads impersonating Persuade Team on any online auction platform. (ebay, google, facebook, amazon, etc.)


Term and Termination

After acceptance into the Affiliate Program, Persuade Team holds the right to terminate any Affiliate account at any time, and for any reason, by disabling creatives, specific tracking devices, linked, cookies, etc.

Your acceptance into the Affiliate Program may be terminated due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Spamming
  2. Failure to disclose the Affiliate relationship
  3. Offering coupons from your Affiliate commission
  4. Fraudulent transactions or suspected Affiliate fraud

Furthermore, if the Affiliate wishes to terminate his or her account he may do so. Upon agreement of termination, for any reason, you agree to immediately cease all use of creatives and any materials associated with Persuade Team. This agreement stands fast from the moment you are accepted until the moment your account is terminated.


Material Breaches

If Persuade Team receives notice of Affiliates disregard to any of the outlined “legality” issues, or complaints from mislead customers, or failure to comply with the federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, Persuade Team may reasonably remove you from the affiliate program or freeze your payments temporarily, or indefinitely.


Fraud Practices

Affiliates are prohibited to commit fraud, violate any law, or falsify any information connected directly and/or indirectly with Persuade Team. Persuade Team has the ability to make all determinations regarding fraudulent activity and that decision will remain final.



Affiliate agrees to hold harmless Persuade Teams employees, owners, and directors against ALL claims, losses, damages, etc. Persuade Team is NOT liable for loss of profits, or loss of business opportunities, even if the loss is foreseeable.


Independent Investigation

By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you have read this entire agreement and all of its terms and conditions. You accept to live by them as outlined in this statement.


Governing Law

If failure to abide by these standards, the affiliate shall be responsible for the payment of all attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred by Persuade Team to enforce the terms of this Agreement.